Accuracy And Consistency Are Key In How We Do Things...


Sizing is based on your waist measurement. Not your height. Not your weight. Not your dress size. Not your pants size.


Your actual waist size (in inches) is what determines the size of gaff that you'll order here.


Since sizes vary from one manufacturer or clothing company to the next, knowing your own waist measurement will ensure that the Original Premier Tucking Gaff™ you decide to purchase will fit you just right.

Choose size X/S if your waist measures between 20 and 25 inches.


Choose size S/M if your waist measures between 26 and 34 inches.


Choose size M/L if your waist measures between 35 and 40 inches.


Choose size X/L if your waist measures between 41 and 45 inches.

(Tip: You can find a measuring tape at any Walmart in the sewing section for $1.)

If you would like to order but have a waist measurement other than what we offer then please get in touch and let us know!

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